Since 1969, Chetham’s has welcomed young musicians from across the UK and around the world to enjoy a world class specialist education in the heart of Manchester. Alumni of the Music School have gone on to study at leading international conservatoires, to perform in acclaimed orchestras, and to grace the stages of concert halls across the world as performers, soloists, conductors and composers.

For other students who have spent time at Chetham’s, music has remained a passion even as life and careers have moved in other directions. Each year, around a third of our students choose non-musical university courses ranging from medicine to law and politics, and our alumni may be encountered in every walk of life.

Our history did not start in 1969. We’re delighted that we’re still in touch with students who were part of Chetham’s before music took centre stage – with those who were part of Chetham’s when it was a Grammar School from 1952-1969, and even, through archives and descendants, with those who were part of the Hospital School and benefitted directly from Humphrey Chetham’s commitment to a school for ‘forty poor boys’. Many thousands of young people have passed beneath our roofs since 1653 – and this is where we hope that many of them will come together.