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Chris Newman, Chetham's 1991-2018

Head of Middle School, Chetham's

Paris 1991, Lycée International, school break, I spot two jobs. They both have my name on them, one is in Manchester, the other in Milan. A tough call, but of course it has to be Manchester. My plan: teach History at Chetham’s for a year or two and then have a change. But soon someone is needed to look after A-level General Studies. Just my sort of thing! Next up: can anyone deal with university applications? Me! Me! Do I fit the bill when a new Deputy Head is required? Yes I do. 2018, a new Head brings a new idea: divide the School into lower, middle and sixth form sections. Who could possibly be the man in the middle? You guessed it.

And all this time, the musicians keep on playing, the students keep on studying, the teachers keep on teaching and all the others involved keep on doing their bit.

Long live Chets!

Instruments: Staff

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