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Emma Hutchinson, Chetham's 1973-1981

Founder Music House for Children & Bush Hall

Piano, French horn, trumpet, violin

Since leaving Chetham’s…

Studied theatre, dance, music (Dartington), (BA hons 1986)

Joined Unfortunati, a Commedia del’Arte street theatre company

Studied at Trinity College of Music (LTCL) 1991

Studied at BCU (MA 2012)

Established Music House for Children (1994) to provide music for babies, toddlers, young children, primary ages and children with additional needs. Musical experiences include lessons, workshops, musical story tales, intervention projects, festivals (Glastonbury, Secret Garden, Port Eliot, Hay, Wilderness). We also developed training and curriculum in early childhood music and baby music provision and intervention projects. Read our case studies at Music House for Children

In 2000 my husband and I purchased an Edwardian dance hall and transformed it initially into my school, then a performance space/concert hall. We host national/ international artists performances and events, comedy, training and other events. We have three boys (one of whom has just graduated from Leeds College of Music), three dogs, and an array of wildlife, and live in deepest Devon.

Best thing about your time at Chetham’s?

Friends, music, living in the Baronial Hall quarters with 6 others. My recital in the Baronial Hall. Winning a cup on sports day. Touring with the Chamber choir.

Favourite memories of Chetham’s?

Chatting under the cherry trees when we should have been studying for A levels.

Finding the underground tunnels (underneath the chapel and exploring Manchester underground)

Escaping out of Chets (Pal house) via rooftop and going off to buy chips and curry sauce.

Inventing the Moon Worshipping group across the quad with blankets with the “um maddy paddy um” chant.

Burying Martin Gill’s ancient jeans under the cherry blossom.

Looking after the Junior A hamster, deciding it needed a friend and watching in horror as they proceeded to attack each other.

Playing Dares (in pal house) by putting grease all over the house matron’s door handle.

Writing 1,000 lines in the laundry room cupboard with a friend.

My greatest comrades were those who were the trusted group sleeping in the Baronial hall – Teddy, Features, Bumley, Ali, MJ and Pip.

Walking in the moors and sleeping on a ladder.

Watching the Irwell change colour every week from my bedroom window

Seeing hundreds of bollards up on the rooftops (6th form farewell present)

There were so many unforgettable performances.




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