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Kate Andrews, Chetham's 1997-2001

Music Therapist, Senior Lecturer, ABRSM Examiner and Trainer


Since leaving Chetham’s…

Following her studies at Chetham’s, Kate read Music at Cambridge, did a postgrad at RAM, then worked in the West End and sessions for 10 years. During this time she became an examiner and retrained as a Music Therapist. Kate moved from London to Wales in 2018 where she lives on a remote smallholding in West Wales with her husband. She also became Senior Lecturer and designed a new degree for the University of Wolverhmpton.

Ensembles or key performances you played in

Pretty much everything between 1998 and 2001!

What was the best thing about your time at Chetham’s?

The friendships we all made. I still have so many of those friends, even though we’re spread across the world.

What’s your favourite memory of Chetham’s?

Val Taylor, Steve Threlfall, Dickie… Martin Bussey, who whizzed me from the beginner GCSE set to a proper musicologist in the space of a year. I was scared of him, but adored him. WAY too many silly stories to mention…a favourite was spending GCSE Geography lessons seeing how many of us could get under the table without Mr Kyle noticing. Poor Mr Kyle. On a more serious note, Mr Bussey asking me to playing in a Bach Cantata he was putting on and discovering that I knew how to play Bach. That was pretty magical.

What impact did Chetham’s have on your life?

It allowed me to be an oddball at a time when I needed to be an oddball. It set me up for life, quirks and all.


Instruments: Woodwind

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