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Nicole Wilson, Chetham's 1990-1992

Managing director of Orbili and Musical Orbit online learning services | Violin professor at Royal Academy of Music, Junior Academy

Violin, viola

Since leaving Chetham’s…
  • RAM 1992-97
  • LSO 1st violin 1999-2007
  • COOL Music fixer 2008
  • ENO principal violin 2008-2013
  • Concert presenter for Classic FM and BBC radio and TV Producer FunKey Rhymes (Children’s Music)
What was the best thing about your time at Chetham’s?

The friends I made! They were the most wonderful bunch of soulmates and I felt I truly belonged for the first time. To this day I’m in touch with a huge number of them and they have helped me to get where I am today.

What’s your favourite memory of Chetham’s? 

The whole chamber orchestra singing the Emperor Concerto in its entirety in the hotel bar after one of the concerts in Ireland. We couldn’t get enough of it! It got more and more ridiculous as each of us felt OUR part was, naturally, the most important! We were eventually chucked out and sent to bed by the landlord. I’d have loved a recording of that!

What impact did Chetham’s have on your life?

It was one of the most life affirming moments of my life. I can’t imagine where I’d be if I hadn’t found everyone there. I remember arriving in the September and wanting to shout out ‘Here you all are! Where have you been all my life?!’

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Instruments: Strings

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