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Book an Advice Audition

We are happy to offer pre-application advice and guidance about the suitability of making an application to the school. If you feel this would be helpful please send an email to Alice Herbert, with YouTube links to video recordings of at least 2 pieces on your principal study instrument and at least one piece on any subsidiary instruments, as well as scales/arpeggios on the principal study that reflect the level of repertoire presented. We would also ask you to begin the video/s with a short, spoken introduction of yourself and the pieces you are going to present.
*NB. a second study instrument is NOT a requirement for entry, particularly for pianists. When the principal instrumental study is not piano, and no second study instrument is offered on application, we would normally include piano lessons as a second study when we offer a place, as keyboard skills are essential to building a strong foundation for our students’ musical development.

When you send the video links, please also include the following information about the person whose performances we will be assessing:
• Full name and date of birth
• Length of time learning each instrument, details of any exams taken, regularity of lessons
• Information about musical activities he/she participates in – ensembles, choirs, etc.
• Your postal address, or which area you live in.

There is a standard charge of £25 for advice auditions. However, if this cost presents a barrier to your accessing our advice, please let us know as we may be able to help.

Click here for things to consider when recording your applications.