Lower School

Years 4-8 | Admissions from age 8

Lower School – Years 4-8

The aim of the Lower School curriculum is to promote good learning habits across a broad and balanced range of subjects. Students enjoy a great deal of variety at this phase of their education, keeping an instrumental and academic balance in mind. Children in the Junior School are taught as one class, whilst those in years 7-9 work with staff across the School to explore topics in line with the National Curriculum.

Victoria House

For boys and girls aged 8-12

It may be hard, as a parent, to envisage leaving your small child in the hands of strangers; but our youngest students have a whale of a time.

Victoria House has an extremely dedicated team of six House staff, with responsibility for around 30 students. All of the Victoria House staff are known for their caring attitudes and sense of fun, and their commitment to students’ welfare means that most staff are available most of the time – regardless of the official duty times.

Junior students are always very busy in the daytime with academic and music lessons, ensembles and supported practice. In the evenings they can choose from activities such as swimming, circuit training, gym, fencing, dance, aerobics, trampolining, plus a different activity arranged in the House every night: games of Twister (always very popular), Scalextric, computer games, dance mats and board games – not to mention the newly established Chetham’s First Scouts!

Sixth Form Guardian Angels also spend time with students in Victoria House, looking out for them around school and occasionally accompanying them into town if they want to go shopping. In general, students are too busy enjoying both school and free time to think about being homesick!