At Chetham’s, music is at the heart of all we do. 

Every student receives individual lessons in first and second study instruments, in addition to ensemble rehearsals, structured practice time and academic music classes.  From day one, life at Chetham’s helps every musician to find his or her own musical pathways, to develop as a performer and professional, and potentially to go on to a hugely successful career.

Students apply to Chetham’s as members of one of eight musical departments, although in a community steeped in music, there are always opportunities for students to explore new instruments, join a jazz improvisation class, or try their hand at composition.  Every student’s week is individually timetabled to support both musical and academic interests, but at minimum it will include:

  • 1.5 hours of individual tuition on a First Study instrument
  • 30 minutes individual tuition on a Second Study instrument – usually, but not always, piano
  • Supported daily practice time (Years 4-11) or independent practice time (Sixth Form)
  • Chamber music lessons
  • Weekly music block including performance classes with feedback from peers
  • Opportunities to perform in one of eight weekly Lunchtime Concerts or additional performances
  • Music in the Curriculum including music theory and music technology
  • Alexander Technique and sports facilities supporting good posture and strengthening the body’s core stability whilst playing
  • Encouragement to attend other students’ performances and to offer constructive feedback
  • Termly Music Course building towards major ensemble and orchestral performances