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We are so thankful to all of our supporters, who enable us to continue our important work at Chetham’s.

Chetham’s School of Music is the largest of nine specialist Music and Dance Schools (MDS) in the UK, and the only one of its kind in the North of England. Offering students bursaries from all over the world with 82% from the UK, 10% from Europe and 8% from other countries. We accept students at any stage in their education (from age eight upwards) and places are offered based solely on their musical audition. In fact less than 10% of our students are fee payers. Underpinning our charitable objective “to give a liberal education with due regard to the theory and practice of music” and our Public Benefit aim “to educate musically gifted children between the ages of eight and 18 whatever their social, racial, and cultural background and financial circumstances”.

Chetham’s Library is a landmark building and the oldest of its kind in the North West. The Library requires conservation of both its books and buildings, so it remains fit for purpose and a safe environment, whilst providing access for the public. Importantly, and in line with its founder Humphrey Chetham’s wishes, the Library should remain completely free of charge for readers wishing to access the historic collections. These include the 13th Century Flores Historiarum manuscript, a first edition of John Milton’s epic poem Paradise Lost; a 1534 edition of Tyndale’s New Testament, Henry VIII’s Prosper of Aquitaine and a wealth of printed and manuscript material on the 1819 Peterloo Massacre.

Chetham’s Hospital is our third charity which owns the land and buildings on the Chetham’s site and therefore is landlord to the Library and the School.  The Hospital’s aims include supporting the Library and School charities and progressing our Capital Projects.

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