Chetham’s consists of three separate charities, linked together for registration and accounting purposes under a uniting direction issued by the Charity Commission. These three charities are:

  • Chetham’s School of Music – the School
  • Chetham’s Hospital – the charity which owns, maintains and improves the buildings and land on the site of Chetham’s
  • Chetham’s Library – the Library

For each of the three charities, the trustees uphold all of the standard legal responsibilities as trustees of a charity. There are also a number of sub-committees specialising in specific areas such as safeguarding, finance, fundraising and strategic planning.

Charity name and number for all three charities:
The Hospital and Library in Manchester Founded by Humphrey Chetham Esquire and Incorporated by King Charles II
Reg. Charity No. 526702

Organisational information

Chetham’s School of Music Governing Body

The Governors of Chetham’s are central to the School’s ethos, curriculum and compliance. Find out more about current Governors below, or contact the Governing Body.