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Registered Charity Number 526702

Chetham’s consists of three separate and distinct charities that make up the Chetham’s Foundation. There is no formal legal identity for the Foundation but it is a useful way of describing the organisation as a whole.

  • Chetham’s Hospital (Land and Buildings)
  • Chetham’s School of Music (evolved from Chetham’s School for 40 poor boys)
  • Chetham’s Library (Housed in the pre-existing medieval buildings)

The Foundation are registered under one Charity Number, following a Uniting Direction issued under the Charity Commission in 2004 for registration and accounting purposes.

The Hospital and Library charities have the same trustees, known as the Feoffees, and the School Charity has its own trustees, the School Governing Body.  See below for our current board.

The full name of this charitable foundation is ‘The Hospital and Library in Manchester founded by Humphrey Chetham, Esq. and Incorporated by King Charles II

Organisational information