Piano Course

Chetham’s Piano Course is a friendly, inclusive week-long course which focuses on all aspects of piano playing for students aged 11-17 years old of an intermediate to advanced level. The course will engage pianists in a wide range of keyboard activities led by staff from the Chetham’s Keyboard Department.

As well as developing their individual piano skills in their one to one lessons, pianists will explore essential skills such as rhythm, sight-reading and ensemble playing in a wide range of classes such as Dalcroze and duet lessons. They will learn how to manage stage fright to develop into a more confident performer in performance classes and how to avoid injury and improve posture in Alexander Technique classes. Pianists will also receive the opportunity to perform in Chetham’s ‘State of the Art’ venue, The Stoller Hall and obtain a high-quality video recording of their playing to share with family and friends.

Part of Chetham’s Summer Music Course, pianists will also have opportunities to interact with participants on the orchestral and vocal pathways in course wide activities, furthering developing their skills as well-rounded performers through engagement with other musicians and live music making.

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‘I have learnt a lot about many musical techniques. Even ways of warming up at the piano was something new that I learnt. Additionally, I would like to add that I have thoroughly enjoyed this camp and will be looking forward to coming again next year.’ – Piano student

‘We were particularly impressed with the creative approach of the teachers and willingness to embrace his unique musical skills and adapting the sessions so that he could fully participate in all the activities.’ – Piano parent

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Chetham’s Summer Music Course is separate from Chetham’s International Piano Summer School.