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Victoria House

Joint Heads of House: Miss S Clarke and Miss L Cody 

Victoria House is our warm and ever-dynamic home for Chetham’s youngest boarders, aged 8-12 in Years 4 to 8.  

With a dedicated team of pastoral house staff, Victoria House is a friendly, caring place where children can play and make friends. 

What do our boarders say about Victoria House?

The environment in Victoria House is very homely, nice and friendly. (Year 7 & 8)

The House Staff are supportive of you no matter what. They’re always there for you and they understand. (Junior)

The weekend trips are always fun, and everyone is included. (Junior)

I really like how at most times of the day there is something to do in House. (Year 7 & 8)

It feels like a great big family. We’re all friends, [and] although you do miss home at lot, it’s great! (Year 7 & 8)

Every day is structured for our boarders to include homework time and active games. We also host extracurricular activities on a regular basis, including Scouts on Mondays, Baking Club on Tuesdays, Cubs on Wednesdays, Craft Club on Thursdays, Film Night on Saturdays, and external weekend trips organised by our house staff.  

Its accessible location on our campus is a great starting point for our new students, making it easy for new students to familiarise and immerse themselves within the unique and inspirational atmosphere that Chetham’s has become renowned for. And thanks to a recent upgrade of its facilities, Victoria House continues to provide our boarders with fresh and modern living standards.  

Victoria House is also directly connected to our canteen used by the wider school. Our catering staff provide three meals a day including snacks during school breaktimes and basic supplies for student kitchenettes within the building.  

Our rooms consist of 3 to 4 person dorms with en suite bathrooms, secure storage and a shared desk. Victoria House contains a large common room with a small communal kitchen, a piano, two school computers, and a flat-screen television complete with an in-house DVD collection. There is also a games room equipped with a pool table and board games; and a smaller common room used by our Year 8 students to focus on their studies or simply relax by reading, watching television or playing on our communal games console.  

Our house staff live within their own flats in Victoria House and are always on hand looking after their students. Students are all supervised with regular staff presence in the common room. Students are always made aware of who is on duty and where to go when they need a staff member. Regularly scheduled sign-ins ensure that all our boarders come and go from their lessons and extra-curricular activities safely and securely.