Siobain Barnes

Siobain graduated with a degree in education from the University of Liverpool in 1985. She has taught in a variety of schools across three local authorities and is currently headteacher of a primary school. Siobain has also worked as a teaching and learning consultant, focusing on pedagogy and leadership. Since taking up the post of headteacher in 2004, she has focused on increasing the impact of leadership on learning across a wide and enriched curriculum. She believes passionately in inspiring children through music and in enhancing their education through providing access to a myriad of musical opportunities. Every pupil within her school has access to free tuition on an orchestral instrument from Y3 onwards. The children in the school choir were delighted to have sung in the chorus of gingerbread children alongside Bolton Symphony Orchestra.

Siobain is an educational consultant for the virtual school for looked-after children in Bolton. She delivers training on leadership for both middle and senior leaders and she contributes to local system leadership through her work as a Local Leader of Education. In her spare time, she enjoys singing choral works and opera with various groups around the local area.