A week of kindness

What a week of kindness it has been!

We’ve been actively supporting a national Anti Bullying Week campaign, and it’s been an incredible experience for students and staff alike.

On Monday we began our ‘Pro Kindness’ week by asking children and staff to wear odd socks. This was to represent the fact that we are all unique individuals, something that should be shared and celebrated.

We believe one kind word leads to another and can change the course of a conversation, breaking any negative cycles. Therefore, our whole week has been dedicated to all of us sharing kind words, each day, to those we meet. One kind word turned into an epidemic of kind words until the whole place was filled with kindness.

Tutor time on Monday was dedicated to the anti-bullying theme and students have been provided with resources, advice and guidance.

And, as ever, music has been at the heart of everything too. Students have spent the week substituting the words ‘kind’ or ‘kindness’ into well known songs!


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