Chetham’s students ‘hit the right note’ with A level results

Congratulations to our Year 13 students, who achieved an outstanding set of A level results this year. In what has been an unprecedented year in education our students and staff rose to the challenge of a hybrid online and in person School offer. Our students have needed to cope with uncertainty, they have been required to adapt, to learn in different ways, in different locations and using different tools and for this year have their work assessed such as non-examined assessments.

There has been a rigorous process undertaken to ensure that grades are accurate, holistic and fair. Grades were assessed by teachers, before being ratified by a senior team and scrutinised by the exam boards. We are pleased to report that our grades were accepted by the exam boards without modification.

Almost 70% of grades were A* or A, simply outstanding! We have 37 students, almost half of the cohort scoring all A or A *. We have also maintained our 100% pass rate and nine students scored three or more A* grades, of whom one gained four A*s, and one a staggering five A*s as well as 2 Maths STEP papers (grade tbc).

There have been other triumphs and individual successes, such as those students whose learning was disrupted due to the impact of Covid and those with special educational needs who have smashed through barriers to complete their courses, and gain stunning results that enables them to attend a top Conservatoire or University.

Joint Principal, Nicola Smith said, ‘We are incredibly proud of our brilliant and hardworking young people. They have achieved their well-earned grades through perseverance and old-fashioned graft. It can’t go without saying that our teachers have also been outstanding in what has been the most turbulent year in the job.’

We all wish our young people luck, and good wishes for the next part of their onward Journey – Bravo class of 2021!


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