Congratulations to our new School Captains and Vice Captains

As we prepare to welcome back students for a fresh new school year, we’re delighted to confirm our new student Captains and Vice Captains.

Taking up the mantle of the School Captain positions are Maame-Yaa (pictured centre-right) and Will (left), who’ll be leading the Captaincy team and chairing regular staff-student liaison meetings.

Our newly appointed Vice Captains are Stella (centre-left) and Alexei (right), who’ll help highlight important issues for their peers.

The concept of student leaders has been a tradition since our beginnings as a music school. It’s an important one that requires close working between students and staff, ensuring that the voices of all our students are heard and acted upon.

Nicola Smith, Joint Principal

Nicola Smith, Joint Principal 

Nicola Smith, Joint Principal at Chetham’s, expressed her delight for the new School Captaincy appointments:

The determination from all our student applicants to make our School an even better place was humbling to hear and impressively delivered by each and every one of them.

I’m delighted for our new School Captains and I’m looking forward to working closely with Maame-Yaa, Will, Alexei and Stella. We know what a positive impact they’re going to make on the School and among their peers this year.

We look forward to welcoming Maame-Yaa, Will, Stella and Alexei back in September as our new School Captains.



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