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Chetham’s is committed to the safety and wellbeing of its students. Officers of the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) described Chetham’s current safeguarding procedures as ‘impeccable’ following their most recent visit in 2017.

“The designated safeguarding lead (DSL) and her deputies have undergone appropriate and timely training with the local authority, including in safer recruitment, and have an excellent understanding of their roles and responsibilities” – ISI, 2016

Chetham’s Independent Safeguarding Commission

In 2014, the Governing Body resolved to establish an Independent Safeguarding Commission, with the purpose of:

  • Advising the Feoffees and School Governing Body
  • Scrutinising, questioning, monitoring and challenging
  • Overseeing or assisting the School
  • Providing quality assurance to the School

in matters relating to child protection and the safeguarding of children in the care of the School.

The Commission is required to prepare a full report to the Feoffees and Governing Body of the School at least once during each academic year. This is in addition to external reports led by the Independent Schools Inspectorate.

“The governors review the safeguarding policy and procedural implementation annually and make appropriate amendments to reflect
any change in regulations or counter any perceived weaknesses. Minutes of the review demonstrate thorough processes, with governors involved in discussion of key elements.” – ISI, 2016

Comment from Chetham’s Principal Alun Jones after attending Day Two of the Residential Schools Hearing of the Independent Inquiry into Child Sex Abuse (IICSA)
01 October 2019

“What I have heard today has been shocking and distressing and it is clear that serious errors of judgement were made at our School.

“My task as the current Principal of Chetham’s is to make sure we learn all possible lessons from what we heard today.

“I am deeply and truly sorry that teachers at our School abused their position of trust to hurt young people. Current parents and students would not recognise what was said at the Inquiry today as the School they know – but this is of no consolation to victims and survivors.

“As the head of a school you have responsibility for what happens under your leadership. No amount of musical ability comes before the wellbeing of my students. I regularly speak to students about the importance of speaking up and out if they believe something is wrong. Parents, staff and students know Chetham’s is a telling school where everyone looks out for each other. This was clearly not the case at the School in the past – as we heard today. Students should have been supported and listened to and their concerns acted upon.

“I am deeply sorry the School did not do more to provide emotional support to the victims and survivors of abuse and their families. I would welcome any victims and survivors of abuse at Chetham’s getting in touch with me if they feel it can help to rectify some of the appalling mistakes of the past.”

Please follow this link for the preceding IICSA statement, published by Chetham’s on 27.09.19

Further enquiries: Alun Jones, Principal
Via Lesley Haslam, PA:, 0161 838 7214